patrick's prayer
| kameelah/me, 2005 (cape town, south africa). this picture was taken in the khayelitsha township at the
baphumelele orphanage/children's home where i volunteered. i took this picture with my very first camera which was a bulky 4 megapixel canon powershot. this camera was later lost/stolen in the london heathrow airport, an unfortunate situation considering the loss of 400 images and video. mashaAllah. more pictures of khayelitsha here.


i've have moved over to needed a space that didn't carry the baggage of 2006-2009. i imported just the 2010 posts. please visit me there. i will keep kameelahwrites up for two more weeks before it's gone. thanks folks!  it's been a fun ride, but transition and change is so necessary.

below is the screenshot for my new space:
Screen shot 2010-04-27 at 8.16.38 PM

also photos from nyc: